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Meet Yahel

Her Background

Yahel Levy was born in Cameroon, and grew up in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. 

Her parents are simple Jews, with long lineages, from Morocco. Her grandfather was one of the committed students and helpers of the famous and holy Rav Chaim Pinto from Morocco, who passed down a lot of beautiful and important torah teachings to his children, to her, her children, and so on. 


The African, Jewish culture holds a very deep place in Yahel's heart, and her roots. There's something incredibly special about Moroccan and African Jewry, that is hard to put to words, but easy to feel, through Yahel's paintings. 

Yahel is the mother of five beautiful children, and has helped many, many other children along her journey, as if they were her own. Yahel is known for her generous heart, her righteous and praiseworthy demeanour, and her vibrant and unique home. 

Yahel now lives in Tzfat, Israel, where she has been enjoying the deepest connection back to the Jewish homeland, and all the gifts that come along with being home again. 

Her Mission

Yahel's mission is a G-dly one. In fact, her mission every day is to wake up and re-align herself with the mission of The Creator. 


Living in the Now Moment, is a very important part of Yahel's mission. She is constantly helping others over the phone, or in person, through her generosity of time, deep listening, and sharing timeless torah wisdoms that were passed down to her. 

Her Vision

Yahel's vision is a timeless vision that has been passed down to her, from her parents, her grandparents, her great great grandparents, and so on until Har Sinai. 

Yahel's vision is a vision of Geulah-- the ultimate redemption. 

A better world. 

A world of only kindness and revealed Truth... 

no more lies... no more hate... no more harsh judgement... 

A world of only love, and honesty. 

Of treating each other right and fairly. 

Of constant celebration of the awesome moment that is... 

A world where Mashiach is revealed; and where evil is completely destroyed off the face of our world. 

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