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Yahel has a tremendous gift to revitalise spaces, and deeply clean/ organise like you've never seen before. Whether you need to tackle some long-awaited cluttered areas, or for a simple revitalisation of your space... Yahel is the absolute perfect person to help. She works so incredibly fast and efficiently, we assure you, your mind WILL be blown after experiencing Yahel's gift for Ohr-ganising. As an artist, and multi-talented Moroccan woman, she is naturally gifted when it comes to all things HOME. She can help you add color and design to your home, deep clean, and OHR-ganise like you never knew was possible. 
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"She's a highly skilled recommended artist that will turn your home, working space and business to a pleasant blessed place that you, your family, your guest's and customers will love to share and be there. 💛"

- Moshe Refael, Founder of Rambam Institute of Jewish Medicine 

"Completely transforms environments from darkness into light. Yael is so talented, has amazing taist work quickly, has incredible work skills, attention to detail, finishes the job to start to finish. Every time Yael did work for me not only was my environment transformed, my innner world was left with peace and tranquillity. I mommish feel like a queen after Yael dose her magic. I am her biggest fan. So grateful to Yael. Anyone who has the honer to have Yael is so blessed..." 

- Nicole Kohn, Mom, Founder of Yud Studio 

"Not only organised, but with taste!! She has so much heart in everything Yahel is doing!
I love her paintings and adore her special customised furniture, so unique! Never saw that before! Thanks for your help! Love that dresser you did!" 

- Khaya Salem, Mom 

"Yahel will help organise, declutter, renovate and decorate as well as deep clean any space... I highly recommend her service."


- Daphna Small, Mom

"She's the best! Don't miss her... 💖 💖💖💖"

- Helene Levy

"Highly recommend! Yahel Levy , a truly talented artist, brings .tremendous design and organisational skills to all her projects for a very reasonable price. Please consider using her services within your personal and business networks."  

- Sacha Chalom Louza, Interior Designer

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